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This page is a redirect page for other builds that are not as known or famous on the server. In order to have your build here you must follow the community build rules. Builds that do not follow the guidelines will be moved to proof-check builds. Pages can be made about these builds, similarly to famous ones, but cannot be on the top navigation except this page. FancyTown or Ocala City is a base being built solo by Lifeisgood It's a model city featuring Paris, London, and Berlin sections and styles of architecture.

It was founded June 17, In early JulyLifeisgood72 founding the "Ocalean Empire" in which he posted on reddit, saying that the Empire controlled an amount of the map and would build various cities. Lifeisgood72 stated that the capital is outside the Empire. However, this wasn't true. Ocala city is relatively close to spawn, and this is what helped its demise. It was an act of betrayal and Lifeisgood72's gullibleness which caused the demise of the Ocalean Empire, and the destruction of the capital, Ocala City.

Template:2B2T Building Template. On November 29th, Irevore started building a massive obsidian tower monument, reaching from bedrock to. After the April fools map, Irevore decided to invite 5 other people to help build the tower, mostly those that he had seen around Doctrzombie 's Fort Dick.

On April 16,with the tower still under construction, the base members took a break and decided to build a lag machine that would bring the tps down to 5 or lower. They called it "The Hexagon" due to the hexagonal-shaped platforms it was constructed with.

The original design was able to cut the TPS in half and with subsequent revisions meet the goal of bringing the TPS from 20 to 5 in a matter of minutes. This structure would become outdated and eventually become broken by design-tinkering and a server upgrade. It was then ultimately abandoned, status unknown. On April 19, the base members were able to gain lots of materials from the donkey dupeuntil it was patched on April 21, On April 29th, Kraze joined the base, on recommendation of ForgottenHarmony, bringing the final member count of the base to 7.

May 3rd, Crayfisher built a cobble generator, able to churn out a stack of cobble every minute. On May 17,with the tower nearly finished, The Town of Ire Ireton has begun construction, which will later turn into the hub of the tower. May 29th,with the obsidian rings surrounding the tower all but cleared out from stone, a glass lava sphere on top of the tower has started being put together.

The items turned out to be old Glitched Enchanted Books. The base's leader, Irevore, has since stopped playing 2b2t.

Programs and editors/Specialized programs

Although still active every now and then with the team in their discord.Map art is a form of Minecraft art that can be created by making large scale terraforming and filling in the map with art from a bird's eye view, map art can be increased in resolution by adding scaling the art up across multiple maps as can be seen with much of the higher quality maps. Map art was a form of currency on 2b2t as several people made map art in order to sell copies to people for other valuable goods after all anyone can make perfect diamond armour but few can make good map art.

Many people see map art as the most beautiful thing to come out of 2b2t. Some donated maps to Fit 's first historical museum which were then stolen by Oxymoron who sold them on. These images included memes, anime, flags, Nazi related images, and several other images. As of now, thanks to good ol' Hause the limit isn't full and new map art can be created. This will likely change when a new dupe will be discovered.

Torogadude now runs a site to catalog all the different map-art pieces floating around on 2b2t, Link. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Block Game Mecca was founded on January 1st, and griefed on June 1st, It is considered one of the largest bases on 2b2t. Block Game Mecca, or BGM, was founded on January 1,with the goal of making one of the largest and most impressive bases on 2b2t.

The base started slowly, due to its distance and the lack of a travel exploit at the time, many members took months to arrive. A goldfarm was constructed early, but most of the initial efforts went into creating the guardian farm area. Once that was complete, the sorting system and the UFO circular spike building near goldfarm were built. Not long after those were constructed, the donkey dupes became public. The members of BGM immediately began work on a large number of massive builds, several of which were never completed.

The cathedral is probably the most impressive of them. Nearly everyone at the base put some work into it, and it was completed less than a week before the base was griefed. Block Game Mecca had a "trickle" invitation system.

The members found that long periods of peacetime exhausted players, and accordingly had several-month long gaps between inviting players. Invitations were generally handed out every months, with only one or two people being recruited at a time. The downfall of BGM came with the last series of recruits. The base was beginning to stagnate, and out of a large list, doctrzombieTodaracand Beardler were invited, as all had fantastic reputations. Unbeknownst to the members of Block Game Mecca, Beardler had conspired with a player named Odorous to steal all the items in Drathader 's museum.

BGM (Block Game Mecca)

A short time after his arrival, on June first,the museum was stolen and withered, and the center of the base was slightly damaged.

Base members along with jared concluded to blow up the rest of the base rather than allow others the satisfaction of doing so. Here are the videos from doctrzombie's base tour:.

Here is the Reddit post where Ain announced his finding that many of the builds present in Block Game Mecca were not original builds, and were in fact 'schematics', copies of several pre-existing builds. Many were found to be copied from the popular Minecraft community content website Planet Minecraft. The base member ' Slappn ' responded to the Reddit post admitting that many of the builds were schematics, and that this was to make the base look better as 'we wanted the place to look nice.

2B2T - Истории Анархии в Minecraft

Some users admitted that Slappn had lied about the builds not being schematics, and this was so Slappn could gloat and act superior over others because of his building skill. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.World downloads are copies of a base, build or other 2b2t location which have been downloaded and converted to single player world files via the use of hacked clients or the World Download Mod, which, similar to Optifine, works on Multiplayer servers.

World downloads have a wide variety of uses and are a popular trading commodity among the 2b2t community. As world downloads allow a base to be preserved, they enable a base to be explored even after its destruction on the main server. This is the core idea of Project Vaultwhich contains many world downloads of famous bases in their prime throughout 2b2t's history.

With the coming of the Rusher Warthe demand for Project Vault and world downloads increased. Players today are constantly looking and advertising world downloads, either for personal viewing, or for other projects similar to Vault. Since Vault has been taking too long to go public and the desire to see 2b's greatest builds has grown tremendously due to the influx of players from the Rusher Warit was beaten by the Museum in terms of going public.

Many players release world downloads of their bases on the 2b2t subredditusually after importing it into worldedit to remove the coordinates as well as nullifying any coordinate exploits. While links to world downloads can be found on their respectice articles, I decided to archive them all here as well please expand if you find more. From Lifeisgood73's dump none or little to none of those were built or saved as downloads by him, but the list is copypasted from his subreddit post :.The text file is formatted for the minecraft book, and multiple pages are created if needed.

You can then save the book directly into a players inventory. Just find the player data file, select the inventory slot you want the book placed into and then click save. Minecraft Note Block Studio. Open Minecraft Note Block Studio. Features: Worlds directory autodetection, Worlds ordering according to last access time, Switching between dimensions, Input correction, Hotkeys support.

Sign In. From Minecraft Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. It allows a user to easily generate double layer pixel art out of Minecraft blocks. Java Edition 1. Note that this program is never out of date, since it does not rely on any Minecraft game data. You can either write them out yourself, or use the quick import option which allows you to import a plain text document into the program.

Includes powerful building tools like brushes and selection and even allows for custom tools! Also features gravity, hit detection and lots more! No downloads necessary!

Simply upload the desired dat file using the easy form.

2b2t schematics

Useful for servers to display maps on their website, for example. Only reads maps, cannot write. Can save animations to. Load in the picture minecraft uses to display its text, and edit it using MinecraftFontEditor. You can then copy it into your resource pack folder. Once you load your resource pack in minecraft, it will load your new font. More than 2, player heads for all minecraft-versions as well 20, custom heads minecraft 1. Additionally, there's an editor to create and submit give-codes yourself.

It does not hack your account or share the credientials in any way. The Yggdrasil authentication system in Launcher v1. Windows not tested, but should also work. This program is never out of date, as it does not rely on any game data. It allows you to edit and view your minecraft map items. It also allows you to export minecraft map items as bitmaps. Can now switch worlds between Creative and Survival.Welcome To 2b2t. The worlds worst and 4th oldest minecraft server.

You are reading this page for one reason: to escape spawn, work hard, and be successful on the server. The chat is filled with the most vile and crude text that people can come up with, and people will insult you if you are active in the chat. Try to make yourself hard to Dox, as if you get enough attention, or just let your mouth run, someone is probably gonna try to find out who you are. So don't use your IRL name as a username, don't tell people much about yourself, and don't click on suspicious links.

If someone does get your IP, you can probably change it. They will still kind of know where you live, but they won't be able to DDos you or something like that.

Ultimate Guide to

Also, get a Hacked Client. However, remember not to download sketchy hacked clients! More info in the Cheat Clients page. Spawn is a desolate wasteland filled with blown-up Lavacastsgeared spawnfags, and pits that bring you to the bottom bedrock layer of spawn. The Escape Spawn guide tells you everything on how to escape spawn. This guide is for players that have already escaped spawn. This guide will not be in use if you have not escaped spawn.

After a while of walking in the nether, it's time to create a temp base for yourself. A tempbase is good for new players that need to collect resources and other materials. Here is a link to a good video on this topic by Salc1. After a while, you will collect enough resources to leave your tempbase and travel farther on 2b2t.

While considering where you want to stop, be aware that no matter where you build, there will always be a chance your base will get griefed. There are ways however, to make your base safer from being griefed.It makes this project look just a little more professional. Nothing much is known about the early days of 2b2t, except that the server began in December this year. Some that do claim to have joined during this time say that there was nothing significant on the server and that by the end of the month, the spawn was already griefed.

Duringseveral events occurred. The largest event was that of the formation of the Facepunch Republic.

2b2t schematics

This year is also when many now-famous oldfags joined, including Offtopiaxcc2and popbob. This year marked one of the most barren times on the server. The server faced drastic player loss during this time due to several Facepunchers leaving, the IP changing, and the server being down for three months which caused many players to believe that the server shut down for good. DuringValkyria had broken up into a few smaller groups.

These include the Gape Group and the Legion of Shenandoah. A large population boost happened during this year, mostly from the numerous articles and a massive Reddit post.

This is when 2b2t was most densely populated. This was caused when TheCampingRusher made a video and posted it onto Youtube.

This year saw massive decay of the rusher population and numerous other things, such as the beginning of the nether highways being dug to the World Border of the Overworld. This year is most known for two incursions 6th and 7th and the grief of Block Game Mecca. Most of the major factions in the server also attempted to unite in the United Group Embassy.

This year is also known for the major dupings which caused the 2b2t server economy to inflate rapidly. Player Count: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

2b2t schematics

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